Lanserhof Hamburg LANSMedicum

‘Prevention and regeneration are the key to a future-oriented medicine’ – that is the background based on a unique concept with which Lanserhof with LANS medicum has established its business in Hamburg. The historical building of the „Alte Oberpostdirektion“, constructed during the 19th century in the Italian neo-renaissance style with marble, stucco, mirrored ceilings, iron columns and golden statues, located in the heart of the city is the perfect place for this holistic Health Centre. Therefore, the Bachhuber Company that was fully commissioned to execute the interior construction works of the building within a minimum of time had to face very high requirements.

In close cooperation and constant consultation with the clients and architects, all treatment rooms built circumferentially around the whole first floor and in which only high-quality materials were used were provided with a very clear and exclusive atmosphere. In the balcony-like patio, a unique room-in-a-room-system was created by which the usable surface was extended by approx. 160sqm. Therefore, “cubes“were produced in a specially designed construction. Several cubes were arranged in an offset pattern and positioned in the areaway of the first floor. Downwards the patio is confined by cove lighting and upwards by the glass ceiling of the building. The big challenge in executing this construction was to observe technically feasible loads, meet extensive fire protection requirements as well as to install all building technology as e.g. the fire sprinkling system, cooling ceiling and floor heating. The linear design concept of the furniture is continued in the internal part of the cubes, outside these “rooms within rooms“reflect the Austrian alpine world which was applied on the covering with a particular technique. The stunning lighting concept completes the incomparable view of this modern cube construction in that historical building. Thanks to creativity, manual precision and execution within the agreed time, one floor of a historical building became a modern health centre with an extraordinary ambience!